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tile flooring patterns

When it comes to tile flooring, don’t feel limited to the basic grid of square tiles. Tile flooring opens the door to exciting design possibilities that add a unique and beautiful breath of fresh air into your home. There are many different types of tile flooring patterns that can be done with a little “outside-of-the-box” thinking. Below are a few of our favorites:

Classic Checkerboard

Perhaps one of the most popular tile flooring patterns, and for good reason, tile flooring installed in a checkerboard pattern is timeless, but can also add a retro look to your home. To achieve a checkerboard floor tile design, it doesn’t necessarily matter what two colors you choose, as long as they are equal squares in size.

Beyond Borders

Creating a tile border is fairly simple, but it’s sure to add an elegant touch to your tile flooring project. A patterned tile often makes the best border choice, but a different color tile will also do the trick. The first step in achieving a stunning tile border is picking the basic floor tiles that your border will surround. Once the basic tiles are chosen, decide on a different style of tile to create a truly original border for your home.

Brick and Beautiful

The brick floor tile pattern is extremely popular, and exudes a beautiful subway style look. Perfect for anyone who wants to add a modern twist to their home’s décor, the brick tile floor pattern is sure to add a stunning upgrade to your home’s overall look. To achieve this pattern, the tile flooring must be laid in diagonal lines with the edges of the tile equal in width.

When it comes to installation tile flooring in patterns, the patterns can play a huge role on how the size of the room is perceived. Larger tiles call much attention to them, and can even make a large room appear even larger. Small tile floor patterns can look lost in larger rooms, and are much better for smaller rooms. Unique tile flooring patterns not only beautify your room, but can truly add significant resale value. Flooring Canada is proudly able to offer you the highest-quality tile flooring at the lowest prices on the market, with over 500 stores nationwide, achieving beautiful tile flooring patterns is easy when you choose Flooring Canada.


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