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carpet flooring in LethbridgeShop at our expansive showroom and be sure to find the carpeting you are searching for. Choose our well-established carpet store that offers an extensive selection, outstanding service, and strong guarantees. These factors separate us from all the other area flooring stores. We provide our customers with great value from brand-name products. From competitive carpet prices to a professional carpet installation, our store has everything you need for carpet flooring in Lethbridge.

As a local flooring company that is dedicated to providing its customers with an enjoyable experience, you can expect to find quality service from our associates. Our knowledgeable associates help you find a carpet that doesn’t just match your aesthetic needs, but also fits within your budget. Find the residential and commercial carpet you are looking for in our flooring showroom. Our store has hundreds of samples of gorgeous carpeting, as well as beautiful area rugs.

Enhance Any Area with Carpeting

One of the reasons carpet is such a popular option for both residences and businesses is because of its versatility. It creates a cozy atmosphere for any area and since it comes in a wide array of designs, patterns, and colors, you can choose a carpet that matches any style. Whether you want a carpet for an office or for your living room, we’re guaranteed to have something that catches your eye.

Carpet is also ideal because of soften slips and falls. This is particularly useful for homes that have small children or elderly family members. A fall on a hard surface could cause serious injury, but with carpet, it provides a cushion that softens the impact. Carpet is also not slippery so it reduces the chances of slipping and falling. Whether you’re at the office or at home, loud noises can be distracting. Televisions, computers, and sound systems make a lot of noise. Its soft underfoot, which means you won’t hear people walking around the home or the office. Carpet acts as a natural sound barrier by absorbing absorbs sounds. If you live in a two-story home or work in an office that has multiple floors, carpet is the way to go.

A room just does not look finished until it has one or more area rugs to define the space. We have a fine selection of area rugs in a multitude of colors, patterns, styles, shapes, and sizes. A large rectangular rug is perfect underneath a coffee table in your living room. A long, narrow runner is ideal in the hallway. Welcome guests with a handsome area rug in your foyer. These rugs serve aesthetic and practical functions. The colors and patterns add visual appeal and the fabric itself protects your floors – even carpeting – from furniture legs and high-heeled shoes.

Perfect Carpet for High-Traffic Areas

One of the most well-known and popular carpets among our collections is Berber carpet. Known for its strength and soil-hiding capabilities, this carpet is perfect for homes and businesses that have high levels of foot traffic. Whether you have a house that includes small children and pets or an office that has a large number of employees, Berber carpet will help ensure that your flooring investment lasts. This kind of carpet has yarns that are looped and uncut on the carpet surface. The pile height can vary from low, tightly constructed to a more luxurious high-level pile. No matter what aesthetic you want for your home, you can be sure to find it in our store. We have a wide variety of Berber carpeting to choose from that will go well with the interior décor of your property.

Today’s carpeting is ideal for offices and other business establishments. This is because manufacturers make high-performance carpeting that offers water and stain resistant qualities, which are ideal for high-traffic areas. Such carpeting requires little care and maintenance, as vacuuming removes the dirt and restores the nap. Ask our design and sales professionals to bring samples of carpeting to your business so you can choose the brand, style, and color of carpeting that matches the décor of your place of business.

Carpet Installation with a Lifetime Guarantee

We are proud to be affiliated with a well-known franchise. This gives us the power to purchase brand-name carpets for the best prices and offer you the benefits. The way we do business is to provide great value to our customers by offering quality products and services. Let us reinforce our value to you with the industry’s strongest guarantees, starting with the Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. This is our assurance that you can have complete confidence in our products and services. Under another warranty - the Price Protection Guarantee - we refund the difference if you find the same carpeting at a lesser price within 30 days of your purchase.

Professional installation is essential to the beauty and performance of your carpet flooring. We send a team of experts to your home to install carpeting for you. These professionals lay your new flooring over a subfloor that is clean and leveled. They take special care when making seams so these do not show and ensure they are securely fastened. When installing carpeting, it is important that the fabric is stretched out evenly so it does not bunch up or wrinkle.

To allay any fears you have about the performance of your new carpet flooring, we provide our customers with a Lifetime Installation Guarantee. Let us know about any issue you may have with your installation and we take care of it right away at no charge to you.



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