Bedford Mills Carpet Flooring: Home Collection

A new standard for luxury flooring

The Bedford Mills™ Home Collection is crafted with the most exquisite fibers and made by the most skilled hands to bring you carpet that is the epitome of style, design and elegance. 

Within this collection, you can choose between two distinctive options:

  • Broadlooms – made with the best nylons found in carpet

  • Naturals – featuring eco-friendly materials like sisal & wool

Both Bedford carpet collections are exceptionally soft and resilient, and available in an array of patterns and designs, featuring fashionable textures and a palette of the most in-demand color choices. Whether your floor is a focal point or a backdrop, your home will command attention with this sophisticated carpet.


Bedford Mills carpet living room


3021 32 Street South,  Lethbridge, AB T1K 7B1